Community Assistance/Emergency Relief Fund (CAF/ERF)

If your organization would like to apply for the Community Assistance/Emergency Relief Fund (CAF/ERF) please take a moment to complete our application at the bottom of this page. Community Assistance Fund requests must be submitted annually. Selected organizations will be notified and then funds will be awarded in May. Emergency Relief Fund requests may be submitted any time during the year.

JLTW has donated over $100,000 towards Community Assistance and Emergency Relief Funds over the years.  The following deserving organizations have been recipients of these gifts:

Criteria for receiving funds from the Junior League of The Woodlands, Inc. (JLTW)

  1. Requesting agency must be tax-exempt and furnish proof of tax-exempt status.
  2. Request must conform to one or more purposes of the JLTW.
  3. Request must be for a specific purpose, with the funds not to be held for future contingencies.
  4. CAF/ERF Funds must be spent locally, within our service area
  5. Funding will not be considered for:
    • Agencies or programs solely funded by the JLTW
    • Fundraising Drives
    • Building funds, unless the JLTW is committed to a project which is dependent upon the building facilities
    • Political activities
    • Travel expenses
    • Individual needs
    • Sectarian, religious projects
    • Scholarships, tuition, seminars
Please contact us at with any questions.

**Community Assistance Fund Applications will be accepted February 25, 2021 – April 2, 2021.  Emergency Relief Fund Applications are accepted year round.