2022-2023 New Member Project: Community Action Poverty Simulation

On April 22, 2023, JLTW Members, local nonprofit agencies, and volunteer groups are invited to participate in a poverty simulation. We hope participants learn and engage in dialogue to help raise awareness about the obstacles facing many families in our local community. We also hope that including our partner agencies will help identify additional opportunities to collaborate and expand our collective impact.

In addition to increasing poverty awareness and engagement opportunities, participants in this poverty simulation will also aid Junior League of The Woodlands in its mission to train volunteers. Under the direction of professional poverty simulation facilitators, the 2022-2023 New Members class has worked tirelessly, training, coordinating, and preparing to lead this event. We hope that we can count on your support.

Here is how you participate:

  1. REGISTER HERE to participate
  2. Arrive on time and refrain from the use of electronics during the simulation
  3. Participate in an assigned role as a member of a family living in poverty
  4. Participate in reflection session following the simulation

Please note that participating in this simulation may induce a range of emotions. At times, participants may feel stressed, angry, nervous, or even joyful if they are able to complete a goal. We ask that all participants approach the simulation with a sense of reverence the subject matter requires.

At the end of the session, Junior League of The Woodlands will provide all attendees a Certificate of Completion to submit for three (3) community service hours or three (3) Continuing Education credits. Poverty simulations are often recognized by the National Social Work Association as approved professional Continuing Education opportunities. However, all participants are encouraged to consult their respective employers/professional associations for current guidelines.

The Community Action Poverty Simulation© was developed to help raise awareness about different aspects of poverty. Missouri Community Action Network is the copyright owner of Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS).  Junior League of The Woodlands (JLTW) is a CAPS Licensee. Poverty Simulations hosted by Junior League of The Woodlands, Inc. are conducted solely for educational purposes and under the direction of trained CAPS Facilitators. For more information on becoming a CAPS Licensee and/or attending CAPS Facilitator Training, please contact povertysimulation@communityaction.org.