Texas Tables Fall Favorites

Try these great recipes this fall!

Looking for some ways to #cookwithyourbook? Here’s some helpful seasonal suggestions!

Back to School—Quick and Easy

Morning Glory Muffins, page 29pumpkincake

Italian Hearts Salad, page 62

Mongolian Beef, page 134

Smothered Seared Pork Chops, page 144

Pesto Chicken Salad with Artichokes, page 53


Football Season Picks

Penman’s Party Dip, page 88,

Best Salsa, page 91

Red Room Spinach and Feta Dip, page 89

Miniature Reuben Bites, page 71



Pumpkin Treats and Other Sweets

Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins, page 28

Pumpkin Praline Cake, page 219, first pictured dish

Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake, page 216


Thanksgiving—Spectacular Sides

Make Ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes, page 118

Creamed Spinach, page 119

Roasted Brussels sprouts with pecans, page 108, second pictured dish